How To
Local First

Local First

Reflect features robust local-first support.

To enable, simply specify the option kvStore: 'idb' when constructing the Reflect client.

import { Reflect } from "@rocicorp/reflect";
import { mutators } from "./my-mutators.ts";
const r = new Reflect({
  kvStore: "idb",

By setting this to 'idb' the data is persisted on the client using IndexedDB (opens in a new tab). This enables a number of features:

  1. New tabs load and sync faster, as Reflect will initially return the locally persisted state and only the difference between the persisted state and the rooms current state is synced.
  2. Changes sync across tabs in the same browser profile, even while offline.
  3. If your application has a way to start while offline (ie Service Worker (opens in a new tab), or Electron shell), when started offline it will see the persisted state including changes made in previous offline sessions.
  4. A tab can go offline and continue to operate for hours to days, then sync up smoothly when it reconnects.

Note that the potential for serious conflicts grows the longer users are disconnected from each other. While you control how conflicts are resolved via your mutator logic and Reflect ensures all clients converge to the same state, it is hard to always produce a resolution users would be happy with.